Steve Troxler for
NC Commissioner of Agriculture

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November 2, 2020 - Campaign Report Shows Ag Backs Troxler

Candidates are required to file quarterly financial reports in an election year showing where their money is coming from and how they are spending it. Third quarter reports show that the agricultural industry is clearly in Steve Troxler’s corner.
More than half of Steve Troxler’s contributions have come from farmers. His opponent’s report shows only 1% of her donations being made by farmers. Six out of 10 of Steve Troxler’s contributors work in other agricultural and forestry occupations. Again, only one percent of his opponent’s contributors work anywhere in agriculture. Only 6% of contributions to the Commissioner have come from outside North Carolina, but nearly half of his opponent’s contributors (43%) live out of state
Thirty percent of the opponent’s contributors are unemployed.
It’s obvious that North Carolina agriculture wants Steve Troxler to continue as Commissioner.

This election will be close, so if you haven’t voted yet make it your first priority on Tuesday. The future of agriculture is at stake.